Nirvana Motor Riding Club

Rule Book Of Nirvana Motor Riding Club Membership

1. Exclusivity for Bike Lovers:
Avoid posting unrelated content, including greetings, vulgar, political, superstitious, or negative news.

2. Share Bike-Related Content:
Utilize this platform to share your knowledge, passion, and information about bike rides or bikes.

3. Respect Every Rider:
Refrain from judging others based on their bikes; respect every rider in the community.

4. Quality over Quantity:
Embrace quality over quantity; prioritize meaningful connections over a large member count.

5. Activity Participation:
– If you don’t join rides for more than 3 months, you will be removed.
– Non-participation in community activities or polls, if needed, may result in removal without warning.

6. Basic Riding Gear:
Join rides with at least basic riding gear, including a full-face helmet, gloves, elbow and knee guards, and appropriate footwear.

7. Display Logo Sticker:
To become a member, apply the provided logo sticker on your bike where it’s most visible.

8. Mandatory Rear View Mirrors:
Ensure rear view mirrors are installed on your bike.

9. No Stunts:
Prohibit any stunts during rides.

10. No Unnecessary Overtaking:
Avoid overtaking without a valid reason.

11. Follow Leaders’ Rules:
Adhere to all rules explained by the ride leaders; no overspeeding.

12. Maintain Discipline:
Act with discipline at all times; avoid actions that may portray a lack of discipline.

13. Ride Fee:
A minimal fee of 100 rupees per ride will be charged, which will be adjusted during tea breaks.

14. Environmentally Conscious Riding:
Encourage riders to be mindful of the environment and avoid actions that harm nature during rides.

15. Emergency Preparedness:
Stress the importance of being prepared for emergencies, including carrying a basic first aid kit and knowing emergency procedures.

16. Communication Protocol:
Establish clear communication guidelines during rides to ensure all members can stay informed and connected.

17. Adherence to Traffic Rules:
Emphasize strict adherence to traffic rules and regulations for the safety of all riders.

18. Inclusive Environment:
Foster an inclusive atmosphere, welcoming riders of all backgrounds, genders, and experience levels.

19. Respectful Conduct towards Female Riders:
Any unnecessary Whats App messages or spam directed at female riders will not be tolerated. Offenders will face consequences, including legal action.

20. Zero Tolerance for Rule Violations:
Breaking any of the above rules will result in immediate removal from the community without warning.

🤘🏼 Note: We are not just a group; we are a community focused on building a quality squad, united by brotherhood. Please don’t mix us with any ordinary riding group.

Let’s ride together with passion and respect! 🌟

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